Inmobiliaria Benedito is your real estate agency in Malaga where you can easily buy, sell or rent your property. We have an exclusive online service in which we publish each of the properties, thus increasing the possibility of them being sold or rented. At the same time, finding the property of your dreams is easier with the search engine of our website, filtering by type of property, price, location, etc..

Our real estate agency focuses on selling properties located in the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. It is one of the favorite places in our country because of the extensive coastline and good weather throughout the year. That is why we have decided to offer a large number of services that facilitate the procedures and formalities for both buyers and sellers.

Sell your luxury property in our real estate Malaga

Selling a house, whether built, under construction, for rent or for rural tourism is very simple with Inmobiliaria Benedito. We have a professional and qualified team that will be in charge of making the appraisals of the properties, drawing up the contracts and doing the notarial management. To put the property in our online catalogue, we make a series of photographs of the entire site to increase interest to potential tenants.

You can ask us for advice at any time on the sale of your property, whatever the type. In our real estate agency in Malaga we work with various types of properties throughout the province and the coast.

Take advantage to rent your property in Malaga

Summer is an important time for tourism throughout the country, but especially on the Costa del Sol. If you have a property in Malaga and you are not going to use it during these months, it is a good idea to put it up for tourist rental. Through our website, the chances of tenants finding your property and renting it quickly will increase. As with the sale and purchase, our real estate agency in Malaga will take care of all the necessary formalities for you to be able to make the rental.

Contact us if you want more information about our real estate in Malaga and the services we offer.

If you are looking for a real estate agency in Alhaurín de la Torre where you can sell or buy a property, in Inmobiliaria Benedito we offer many advantages and facilities in all procedures. Alhaurín de la Torre is a perfect place to buy a home because we have a very pleasant temperature throughout the year and a natural environment where you can go hiking and discover its abundant flora and fauna. In addition, you can visit the nearby paradisiacal beaches and golf courses.

Buy your property in Alhaurín de la Torre

Our real estate agency not only offers you homes in this spectacular setting, but we also have many other properties for sale that are available. For example, we have properties under construction or for rent, villas, apartments, luxury dwellings, rural tourism houses, etc.

Our entire catalogue is available on the online property platform of our website. Being able to easily find the property you are most interested in with our search engine is a great advantage that you will not find in other real estate agencies. Each one has a large number of photographs, detailed information about their characteristics and price.

Our services also include advice from our professionals. We will inform you about the market situation, legal and juridical aspects, mortgages, etc. We will also take care of all the paperwork you need when you have decided on one of our properties.

Sell or rent your property in Alhaurín de la Torre

Summer is a time when the demand for tourist rentals in Alhaurín de la Torre increases, due to the proximity to the beach and the good temperature that can be enjoyed during these months. That's why we help you to manage this rental or the final sale of your home if you contact us.

We value and appraise the property to put it on our platform, in addition to making an extensive photographic report that shows the house in an attractive way. We write all the necessary documents for the process and we take care of the notarial management. To trust in Inmobiliaria Benedito is to trust in a company that has a long trajectory in this sector and in which hundreds of clients trust.

There is a wide range of offers for buying or renting townhouses at Costa del Sol. They are one of the favourites options for clients when they look for houses in the southern area of Spain, where the weather is really nice and sunny throughout the year.

At Inmobiliaria Benedito we offer a lot of different properties to the possible buyers, with apartments and chalets, but the townhouses have some extra benefits which catch the attention of Spanish and foreign clients.

Benefits of living in a townhouse at Costa del Sol

One of the main advantages of these houses, which is the most attractive and important in the first moment, is the amount of space available. You can have much more rooms than living in an apartment or a flat, besides they have a garage and a private garden. However, there are another benefits that will make you choose a townhouse:

These houses are placed together, so the safety is bigger than living all alone. You will have more security.

All the townhouses we offer at Costa del Sol are located in quiet locations, away from noises, with green spaces where children can play safely.

Most of these living places are also located in urbanizations where you can enjoy a private club with pool, sports tracks and common gardens. They are places where you can enjoy with your family and practice sports.

Buy a townhouse at Costa del Sol with Benedito

Buying or selling a townhouse in this area of the country is much easier through Inmobiliaria Benedito. We have a listing of properties with one of the widest offers of townhouses at Costa del Sol, where you will be able to choose between many destinations and find the one that fits your needs.

Our specialized staff will advise you during the whole process, and will help you find the house you are dreaming of if you can’t find it at our platform. The advice we give is very complete, and we give legal and financial advice as well. We manage all the paperwork needed to buy, rent or sell a townhouse.

Contact our real-estate in Malaga if you want more information about selling or buying a townhouse at Costa del Sol.

Inmobiliaria Benedito is an important real-estate agency in Costa del Sol. We offer exclusive services for the buying and selling of different luxury properties in this southern area of Spain. We have some exclusive offers not limited just to luxury houses for rent or sale, but we also have: properties under construction, chalets and apartments for holiday rental, and so much more.

Real-estate agency with exclusive online services

For us it is basic to offer an exclusive service to our clients in order to catch their attention and satisfy their needs. That is why we decided, besides having our physical real-estate agency in Costa del Sol, to give our services through Internet to reach a wider public.

If you are thinking about selling a property or buying one, at Inmobiliaria Benedito we give you the tools to publish it in our online properties listing and to search luxury villas or houses very easily.

Full advice to buyers and sellers

With the purpose of doing the paperwork to buy or rent a property for you, we have a professional team that will guide you personally during the whole process: we will inform you about the market situation in Costa del Sol, we will assess every property, and we will give legal and financial advice.

At the platform we have a big amount of houses, chalets, apartments and more in Costa del Sol. Every day we have new properties available. Even though, if you can not find the one you are looking for, we can search it following your indications and needs.

Besides these and other services for buyers, we also give some services to the sellers. You will be able to sell the house really quickly. We will make professional photos of the whole place to post them later on in our website and we will write down the contracts, processing and paperwork needed. You will receive a report about the offers that we receive and the actions done regarding your property.

If you want to get more information about our services, you can contact us through Internet or visit our real-estate agency in Costa del Sol, in Alhaurín de la Torre.

Summer is almost here, and the demand to buy chalets in Costa del Sol is increasing. Our clients ask us about luxurious chalets in this area of Spain because of its good climate and beautiful beaches.

Usually, these houses are used as a second home to travel to and relax during the vacations all over the year. In winter as it is in summer, is really great to travel to Costa del Sol because the temperatures are soft and you can go and walk on the waterfront, while you enjoy the local gastronomy and the views.

The best time to buy chalets in Costa del Sol

During the first months of the year, and even in spring, it is common to see an increase in the trading of these luxurious houses. Our clients want to have all the paperwork and management ready to enjoy the summer in the new chalet.

That is why we recommend you to check our properties listing to find a chalet which satisfies your needs and we will take care of the rest.

At Inmobiliaria Benedito we have not just a wide range of properties for sale online, but we do the management and the advice needed between the buyers and the sellers to make the process easier and faster.

Personalized advice to buy your new chalet

Between our services, we have a complete advice to the potential buyer. We help you by letting you know about the market situation in Costa del Sol and giving legal, financial and fiscal advice, as well as advice about your mortgage.

You can see that it is really simple to buy a new property through our business. Besides, even though our listing is really wide, we also have a professional and experienced team that can find a chalet that suits you if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Help for chalets sellers in Costa del Sol

The services of our real estate are not limited to the potential buyers, but we also take care for the clients who wants to sell their chalets.

We assess every property and make a lot of photos to show the house in a proper way in our platform, in addition to make all the paperwork.

Trust Inmobiliaria Benedito to buy your chalet in Costa del Sol and contact us to have more information.

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